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Addiction - psychotherapy group

Therapy group for people with alcohol use disorder, psychoactive substances or compulsive behavior.

Addiction has many faces. We become addicted to substances (e.g. nicotine, alcohol, drugs, etc.) or to behaviors (e.g. playing computer games, shopping, gambling). When a substance or behavior takes over our lives, problems and difficulties begin to pile up. A person experiencing addiction begins to lose control of his life.

For many years, the CKU Centre for Counselling and Therapy has been providing group therapy for people abuse to alcohol, drugs, addictive behavior and gambling.

Our experience shows that the best results for recovery from addiction is a combination of two forms of treatment: individual and group therapy. All this is necessary to understand your own behavior and initiate the process of change.

By implementing our program, you discover your potential and learn how to use your own internal resources to change the quality of your life. You are supported in your change by the addiction psychotherapists who lead the group and other participants of the therapy who share their experience.

If you feel that addiction affects you, we invite you to start your recovery journey and join a therapeutic group, where you will be accompanied by other people who want to recover. Meetings in the online formula (zoom platform) last 12 months. Sessions are held on Saturdays at 10.00 - 12.15 with a 15-minute break.

In order to ensure the comfort of working in a group, up to 15 people can participate. Admission to the group is preceded by participation in a diagnostic consultation and several individual meetings, the number of meetings being determined individually.

If, for various reasons, you cannot join a therapeutic group, then we offer an individual treatment program that is as convenient as possible. If you are interested in this form of professional therapy, please contact us: Tel.: + 353 876 494 555, email

“It is impossible to understand addiction without asking what relief the addict finds or hopes to find from the drug or addictive behavior”

Gabor Mate