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Our team

Barbara Ożga

Graduate of the School of Psychotherapy Specialists and Instructors of Addiction Therapy in Care Brok Poland. Addiction therapist in the certification process. As part of her professional qualifications, she graduated of Cognitive behavioral CBT course, Study of addiction therapy at Dublin City College, FETAC-5 training on Addiction to alcohol and drugs at the Leraning Curve Institute, Training-Educational and corrective program for perpetrators of domestic violence-Duluth model. Training / in the field of psychotherapeutic assistance for people addicted to gambling and other behavioral addictions. Her job is subjected supervision. She regularly upgrades her skills by participating in training courses, workshops and conferences in Poland and in Ireland. In 2019 year She begun third level education-Master Dergee in Clinical psychology and personalities disorders in WSB-NLU branch In Poland. She conducts individual and group therapy, personal development, social trainings, and prevention workshops. Pre-acredited Member of Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI). Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy (PTPU). Founder and Administrator at CKU until 2018. Recently working as a CKU Mamager

Mariola Mastek

Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, MA in Rehabilitation Pedagogy, Certified specialist of addiction psychotherapy nr.1496. She conducts individual group, couples and family therapy. In her work she uses a variety of psychotherapeutic trends and also various therapeutic methods in order to widen understanding of a client and client’s individual requirements. She has experience of therapeutic work with addicts, with people living in close association with the addicted partner ( co-addicts) with ACoA, with people from dysfunctional families and with a family in crisis. She conducts personal development workshops and workshops in the series - " Between us Women '' on various problem areas of women, supporting and teaching them not to be afraid to be themselves. Her job is subjected supervision. She regularly upgrades her skills by participating in training courses, workshops and conferences in Poland and in Ireland. Accredited Membership of Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI)and Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy( PTPU). She is the Founder and Coordinator of the CKU. Friend of Alcoholics Anonymous AA.

Marta Machnio-Wielosz

MA psychologist, addiction psychotherapy specialist in the certification process. She completed post- graduate study school in the field of teaching qualifications. She gained experience working with youth in a pedagogical - psychological clinic. She has experience in working with addicts, co-addicts, and dysfunctional families. She completed internship training at the Centre for Addiction Therapy at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. She regularly upgrades her skills by participating in training courses and workshops in Poland and in Ireland . She runs an individual and group therapy, personal development and prevention workshops. Her job is subjected to a regular supervision of the supervisor of the Polish Psychological Association. Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy( PTPU).

Bartosz Bąk

Graduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, MA in Pedagogy, specializing in Social Work and Resocialization.
A graduate of the School of Addiction Psychotherapy Vis Salutis.
He worked as an addiction therapist at CKU in 2010-2014, and conducted individual and group therapy for addicts and semi-addicts at the Remedium Clinic in Ostrzeszów and PLU Multimed in Kalisz.
In order to improve his skills and qualifications, he completed an internship at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Addiction Treatment Department, as well as a clinical internship at the Psychiatric Center in Warta. In The CKU runs individual and group therapy, counseling and personal development workshops.

Piotr Buciński

A certified psychotherapist at the Psychotherapy School at the INTRA Psychological Assistance and Education Center in Warsaw, recommended by the Polish Psychological Association. He graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in the fields of social psychology and social clinical psychology. Certified trainer of Aggression Replacement Training AMITY ART. He started his therapeutic work in 2009, for 11 years he has been working in the uniformed services as a psychologist. He specializes in crisis intervention, adult psychotherapy and training in psychoeducation and addiction prevention. In his therapeutic work, he focuses on the relationship with the patient, combines various therapeutic approaches, primarily the humanistic - experiential trend and cognitive - behavioral psychotherapy. His job is subjected supervision.For many years, he has been systematically participating in numerous internships, workshops and training's for professionals, improving his competences as a psychotherapist, crisis interventionist and trainer. He has professional experience in therapeutic work with adults who experience mental crises, exhibit behavioral disorders, struggle with depression, have experienced traumatic experiences, experience anxiety and co-addicted people. Privately, a happy father and husband, sports enthusiast and mountain lover.

Dr Paweł Sala

I have been practicing for over 25 years. In the years 2001-2014 I worked in the Department of Neurosis at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, as the head of the Day Ward, and then the Inpatient Clinic. The most important information about my professional qualifications; medical studies: Medical Academy in Białystok, (now the Medical University of Białystok), specialization in psychiatry: exam passed with honours, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, PhD in medical sciences, Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, certificate of a psychotherapist: Polish Psychiatric Association; Scientific Section of Psychotherapy, certificate of the leader of the Balint groups, recommendation granted by the Polish Balint Association.. He has been cooperating with CKU since 2021 in the field of psychiatric consultations.

Tomasz Nawrocki

Student of Psychology at the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. By studing ,,Psychology of health and quality of life”, he gains knowledge and skills necessary to work with people struggling with psychosomatic diseases, disabilities and addictions, and to improve their quality of life, family and social relationships. As part of his studies, he participates in a project aimed at showing and making people aware of what pannic attacks are. He works proffesionally as a production mamager, where he coordinates and manages the work of the team. Privately, a happy husband and father of three children. He works with CKU as an intern.

Katarzyna Kozłowska

Graduated of the University of Lodz, Faculty of Educational Sciences, she is a teacher, pedagogue and musician She develops psychotherapist competences in the Society for Systemic Therapy in Poland She takes part in trainings in Poland and Ireland to upgrade therapeutic qualifications. She co-leads psycho-educational groups and takes part in therapeutic groups, gaining the necessary experience in working with another person. In her interests, she is focused on the needs of the family, issues related to raising children and supporting parents on their way of parenthood. Focused on help in the areas of emotional health, relationship building, self-esteem and broadly understood satisfaction with life. Privately, a wife and mother of five children. From January 2020, she works with the CKU center as family therapist.

Marta Sędzicka

Psychologist, a graduate of WSB – National Louis University in Nowy Sącz, specializing in clinical psychology and practical personality profile, holds a master's degree diploma No. 18005 with distinction. At CKU, she works with adults and their close ones struggling with substance use disorders, providing support and psychological assistance in areas such as anxiety, sleep disorders, relationship difficulties, and everyday life challenges. She co-leads therapeutic groups, support groups, workshops, and social skills training. Actively promotes mental health by organizing psychoeducational webinars and initiating social campaigns. She continuously educates herself through regular participation in trainings, advanced courses, consultation teams, and scientific conferences in Poland and Ireland. She is a member of the Polish Society for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (PTDBT) and a Leader in the Family Connections program. Currently undergoing accreditation with the PSI Psychological Society of Ireland. In her practice, she integrates various approaches, particularly humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and dialectical behavioral therapy. She focuses on essential areas such as the therapeutic relationship, emotional bonds, spirituality, life values, and mindfulness practices. She emphasizes a holistic understanding of the individual, strengthening their resources while considering their life context and individual experiences.


Adrianna Ozga

CKU Administrator - She is responsible for managing the reception and coordinating activities related to clients.