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Our team

Mariola Mastek

Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, MA in Rehabilitation Pedagogy, Certified specialist of addiction psychotherapy nr.1496. She conducts individual group, couples and family therapy. In her work she uses a variety of psychotherapeutic trends and also various therapeutic methods in order to widen understanding of a client and client’s individual requirements. She has experience of therapeutic work with addicts, with people living in close association with the addicted partner ( co-addicts) with ACoA, with people from dysfunctional families and with a family in crisis. She conducts personal development workshops and workshops in the series - " Between us Women '' on various problem areas of women, supporting and teaching them not to be afraid to be themselves. Her job is subjected supervision. She regularly upgrades her skills by participating in training courses, workshops and conferences in Poland and in Ireland. Accredited Membership of Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI)and Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy( PTPU). She is the Founder and Coordinator of the CKU. Friend of Alcoholics Anonymous AA.

Patrycja Wasylina-Skrzydelska

MA psychologist, a graduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) in Wroclaw, Poland. In Cku from 2011, currently working both as a Clinical manager and therapist. Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy (PTPU). She conducts individual, group and couples therapy and personal development workshops. Patrycja has a broad range of experience ranging from working with people suffering from addictions, their partners and families, Adult Children of Alkoholics and people from dysfunctional families. Complimenting Partycja's experience is a history of continued professional development. So far participated in workshops and trainings, ranging from: addictions, co­addiction, psychotherapy with Adult Children of Alcoholics ( ACoA), domestic violence. She is interested in motivational interviewing, attachment parenting and sport psychology. Her job is regularly subjected to individual and group supervision by Polish Psychological Association supervisors. She is passionate about photography and physical activity, she likes meeting new people. Lives in Dublin for over 7yers. Privately a wife and a mother. Loves her dog.

Marta Machnio-Wielosz

MA psychologist, addiction psychotherapy specialist in the certification process. She completed post- graduate study school in the field of teaching qualifications. She gained experience working with youth in a pedagogical - psychological clinic. She has experience in working with addicts, co-addicts, and dysfunctional families. She completed internship training at the Centre for Addiction Therapy at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. She regularly upgrades her skills by participating in training courses and workshops in Poland and in Ireland . She runs an individual and group therapy, personal development and prevention workshops. Her job is subjected to a regular supervision of the supervisor of the Polish Psychological Association. Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy( PTPU).

Jarosław Galej

Graduate of Pomeranian Pedagogical Academy (Polish: Pomorska Akademia Pedagogiczna), MA in Rehabilitation Pedagogy. In addition, he completed a qualifying course in the field of oligophrenopedagogy. He gained experience while working in the Training and Educational Centre in Wrocław and in the Special Training and Educational Centre in Jaszkotle. He has been working in the CKU since January 2013 as an addiction therapist. He runs an individual and group therapy, personal development and prevention workshops. As part of upgrading professional qualifications he completed an internship at the Centre for Addiction Therapy and co-dependency in Działdowo in Poland. He regularly participates in workshops, trainings, group and individual supervision. Member of the Polish Society of Addiction Psychotherapy( PTPU).

Krzysztof Mastek

Provides psycho-education workshops at The CKU. He presents a philosophy of the AA community to the participants of the therapy. What is more, he also explains the 12 steps program and his role in the process of sobriety, supports and shares his experience. He participates in workshops and trainings.

Sylwia Matijuk

Master of psychology and pedagogics, psychotherapist. Graduate of Higher Psychology Degree in Warsaw, Pedagogics Educational-Care of Szczecin University, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy at the Psychodynamic Centre of Krakow. As part of postgraduate diploma education, she completed Social-therapy course (therapy devoted to children and people with handicap disorders). During the study of Psychotherapy she specialised in ADHD and Addiction therapy. She works with children, youth and adults. She provides individual, group, couple and family therapy. Her professional work is supervised. As a constant she develops and upgrades her qualifications on regular bases attending trainings, workshops and conferences in Poland and in Ireland. She is a part of a Polish Association of Psychotherapists of Addictions (PTPU). Another of her accomplishments, she is an author of psychologic syllabus titled "Looking under the optimistic angle" played on the Polish radio PLK FM in Ireland. She has been working in field for several years.

Zuzanna Gajowiec

I am a Clinical Psychologist, Registered Systemic Family Therapist and Trauma EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). I am a member of Psychological Society of Ireland and Family Therapy Association of Ireland and EMDR Association U.K and Ireland. I provide short and long term psychotherapy and work with a range of psychological problems. I specialize in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating and Body Image Issues. I help clients develop mindful and peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. In my work I use methods from various therapeutic approaches considering symptoms as a message and chance for change. My work is based on building empathetic and compassionate relationship with my clients.


Barbara Ożga

Addiction therapy instructor in the certification process. She gained qualifications at the School of Psychotherapy Specialists and Instructors of Addiction Therapy in Care Brok Poland. As part of her professional qualifications she graduated of Cognitive behavioral CBT course, Study of addiction therapy at Dublin City College, FETAC-5 training Addiction to alcohol and drugs at the Leraning Curve Institute, Training - Educational and corrective program for perpetrators of domestic violence - Duluth model, Her job is subjected supervision. She regularly upgrades her skills by participating in training courses, workshops and conferences in Poland and in Ireland. She conducts psycho-educational counselling at CKU. Founder and Coordinator of Administration at CKU.

Aleksandra Mastek

Customer service and database. Administration Assistant.