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Prevention of addictions for adults and youth

Prevention is very important in order to prevent, reduce or eliminate addictions. It is a series of activities that create a chance for man to collect different experiences in everyday life. Thanks to prevention there grow the ability of children, youth and adults to cope with difficult life situations.
On the prevention of addictions in our center we provide:
1. Psycho-educational workshops and lectures for adults. In the preventive actions it is not important " the struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction'' but education for sobriety, where besides imparting knowledge about addictions, an important role plays shaping of the appropriate life attitudes and a healthy lifestyle. If you have knowledge about the addictions you can constructively help the student, child, someone close to you or someone who is in your environment.
2. Individual consultations for families. Psychoactive substance abuse by teenagers is a common problem that affects the family. If it happens in your family, be sure that not only you as a parent is going through pain and suffering. The fact that you are trying to do something about this problem means that you want to be a responsible parent and you can feel alright taking such efforts.
3. Workshop entitled "Closer to ourselves" for young people in Polish schools abroad. Each meeting, conversation, classes designed to provide knowledge about addictions, developing social skills, building self-confidence and focusing on the issues and values in order to better understand the world around us and ourselves.
4. Crisis intervention - the intervention session aimed at preparing the family, loved ones to encourage the addict to take treatment and arranging the first contact with the addiction treatment facility . In a friendly atmosphere, in a tangible and concrete way, we confront the addicted person with the facts and the feelings of loved ones