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CKU - Activity

The CKU began operating in 30th May 2009, in the crypt of the church, which was facilitated by the Polish Chaplaincy in Dublin. It was a response to the needs of the Polish people and their families struggling with the problem of addiction, and whose barrier in seeking help was lack of English. Initially it was a pilot project in the field of counselling, consultation and emergency assistance. However, a large number of clients and their expectations for the therapeutic treatment affected in transformation of our project into a professional psychotherapeutic assistance in addiction treatment. Every year the organization has developed and expanded its offer. In 2010, the organization was registered as the Centre for Addiction Counselling- non-profit reg. no.485287, and in February 2012 we received charity statute - CHY 19490. The crucial moment in the development of the organization was meeting in 2010 with Colm Browne, the coordinator of South Inner City Drug Task Force, who became interested in our project and seeing the difficult conditions in which we were working, he arranged a meeting with Paul Conlon – the director of Coolmine Therapeutic Community, who invited us to cooperation, which in 2011 resulted in the relocation of our premises to Coolmine House. At the same time we established cooperation on the merits of working with clients with well- known experts in Poland- with M.D Bohdan T.Woronowicz,who became our supervisor and who directed us in the therapeutic work with addicted clients to interpose with the AA community and to take into account the 12 steps program, M.D Ewą Woydyłło and M.A Grażyną Płachcińską - who still runs the team supervision. Systematic professional development, the activity in expansion of the individual competences, willingness of the members of the therapeutic team to analyse their own work, is critical to maintain a high quality of psychotherapeutic help provided in the CKU. An important objective in the development of the organization is the integration with the local services, agencies and organizations, that can help the client in different areas of his life and in particular in adopting himself to a multicultural Ireland, which enhances his independence and sense of security. Therefore, we organized an integrating seminar in 2011 at the Mansion House in Dublin, which was attended by several local organizations and services, and we joined the National Drug Treatment Reporting System and Health Research Board. At the end of 2013 we decided to change the name and the logo of our organization-CKU- Centre for Counselling and Therapy which followed by expansion of offer to our clients. Moreover, we began to co-operate with CARP-Community Addiction Response Programme Kilinarden, Tallaght. In 2014 our website was highly updated by Przemysław Śliwa who is our administrator. This website provides our clients with better knowledge on how to seek a help.

CKU – Centre for Counselling and Therapy

Our mission and goal is to meet psychosocial needs of individuals, couples and families. CKU is an organization providing professional psychotherapeutic and prevention help for people addicted to alcohol, drugs, gamblers, Co-dependent, Adult Children of Alcoholics and people from dysfunctional families.


Addictions have varying effects on the physical, mental and social health. They limit man's freedom and his responsibility for his own choices and for his own and his family's life.


Professional help and support to addicts, people threatened by addiction and their families through psychotherapeutic treatment, addiction prevention and integration with multicultural Irish community in order to prevent social exclusion.

Objectives and Values

  • Promotion of positive change.
  • Propagation of partnerships of the professionals with the 12-stepper Communities for drug addicts and co-addicted in Polish and English, which helps in the integration of these people with local groups and individuals in a multicultural Ireland at the same time breaking the language barrier.
  • Cooperation and integration integration with organizations, agencies, social workers both in Ireland and in Poland in order to help clients in a variety of problem areas in their lives.
  • Integrity - creation of an atmosphere of trust, respect and honesty.
  • Equality - creation of an atmosphere of trust, respect and honesty.
  • Inspiration teaching our clients independence and responsibility and at the same time supporting them in making choices and positive changes in their lives.
  • Confidentiality means ensuring that the information collected from our clients is and always will be only used in such a way that does not violate the trust, privacy and personal data protection.
  • Respect within the team and professionalism of working with the client by raising the professional qualification and being guided by the code of professional ethics for addiction therapist.